Turqouise Spot
Turqouise Spot
Turqouise Spot

Turqouise Spot

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Light Stoneware HAN-CHIGA mug
handcrafted in Sicily by Esther Suave

Each piece is individually handmade & a one of a kind creation. As a result products will have subtle variations from one piece to the next. 

The creative process

This series of mugs is the product of a meticulous wheel throwing process, where each piece is crafted into a unique shape.

It then undergoes an initial firing for a prolonged period of time, using a technique called bisque-firing done at 1020 degrees Celsius.

After the first firing, each piece is decorated and left to dry.  A second glaze-firing follows at a temperature of ~1240 degrees Celsius.

The piece is then left for the stoneware to mature and the glaze to vitrify.   

The result is an astounding light stoneware mug, covered with a beautiful turquoise glaze and dispersed spots of colour, resembling the waters of the Caribbean ocean and its many happy visitors looking for peace and serenity.

The solid feel of the mug makes for a dazing, feel good tea experience. The glazed handle provides sturdiness and balance. 

Important things to know about our ceramics

  • Dishwasher safe, but hand wash is preferable for a long, beautiful life 
  • Not microwave safe and one should avoid extreme temperature differences