The Kogi

We would like to begin our stories series with where it all started - The Kogis - an indigenous tribe that lives in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia.

They base their lifestyle on their belief in “Aluna” or “The Great Mother”, their creator figure, who they believe is the force behind nature. They understand the Earth to be a living being and see humanity as its children who are meant to support the balance of harmony and creativity in the world.


The tribe have remained isolated from the rest of the world since the Spanish conquistadors came to South America. In order to preserve their traditional way of life, they rarely interact with the modern world or with outside civilization to this day.


They believe that the balance of the earth's ecology has been suffering due to the modern-day exploitation and devastation of resources by Younger Brother (humanity). The Kogi in turn believe that their work as “Elder Brother” is instrumental in helping to prolong and protect life on earth. Their lifestyle is reliant on the belief that they have to look after everything in their lives, treat it with respect and only create what is necessary in order to preserve the harmony and lead a fulfilling life.

This philosophy is what HAN-CHIGA stands for. The concepts behind it are simple, but powerful, and to a large extend what the world needs right now. 

On that note, we will leave you with Daniel, a Kogi kid, we met and spent some quality time with during our time in the magical Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta.