About us

Han-Chiga Founders

Roxy & Bobsi

It's a pleasure to introduce ourselves! 

We are a couple living in London and the proud founders Han-Chiga.

Our story began several years back when we fell in love and traveled to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, where we spent some time with a local indigenous tribe, the Kogis. Inspired by their connection to nature and the harmony they lived in, we decided to put our hearts and minds into creating a company that reflects their values.

Han-Chiga (“hello” in the tribe’s native language) is now a reality and a brand that stands for care, appreciation and balance.


Our Story

For the past three years we have been operating our own saffron farm in Bulgaria, near the town of Vidin, where we collaborate with and support the local farmer community by investing in new ventures, providing fair working conditions and developing awesome products for awesome people like you.

Inspired by the growing evidence from numerous clinical trials on saffron’s health benefits, we set out to develop a unique collection of all-natural saffron tea blends. Each one designed with a specific goal in mind. 

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Our Mission

Our mission is to sustainably craft sophisticated yet unpretentious natural products that restore the balance within the body | mind.


Saffron Teas

Working with some of the most innovative herbal specialists, nutritionists and doctors, and using our very own saffron, we are proud to have created what we consider a new class of tea, comprised of four saffron based blends – Focus, Calm, Love and Detox.

We encourage our community to approach each product with a sense of curiosity and desire to study its origin, purpose and composition.

Natural Balance

Each of our blends is comprised of saffron, potent adaptogens, Ayurvedic herbs and unique natural ingredients.

The unusual recipes you will experience awaken the senses and unite the body and mind.

Guiding Principles

Ethically growing, sourcing and processing all-natural ingredients of the highest quality

Producing health-benefiting and sustainable products backed by science 

Marrying all of our work to beautiful designs

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